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Taj Mahal: The Quintessence of Love

Taj Mahal is one of the greatest tourist attractions of India. Tourists, who come in this country to spend their vacations, do not miss the opportunity to be at this mesmerizing place that is rightly called the “symbol of love”. The complete aura of the Taj Mahal is something that attracts not only tourists but also great poets, musicians and painters to portray this epitome of love in their art.


Taj Mahal was built in the loving memory of Shahjahan’s beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. The lady had been with the king in all his good and bad times and when she died of childbirth at the age of 39, the king decided to decorate her resting place as a bride. The work started in 1633, when 20,000 workers worked hard for the next 17 years to make the Taj Mahal that the tourists see today. The King chose this site with special care, due to the fact that no other structure could overshadow this marvelous monument. Shahjahan brought the best of the architects, calligraphers, inlay craftsmen, stone carvers and also the stone from all over India and Persia and Turkey.


Taj Mahal is mainly seen in its four parts: Taj Gateway, Taj Garden, Taj Mausoleum and Pietra Dura. The Taj Gateway is befitting massive construction for this beautiful tomb. It was made with the aim that a person entering this gate should not be able to get the view of the tomb from here. The Taj looks a miniature from a distance and as one approaches it seems to grow gradually. You will be surprised when you enter the open square that is before the main entrance to find that the huge tomb has suddenly disappeared! The beautiful part of it is that all the letters are written in such a way that they create an illusion of uniformity to a naked eye.

The Taj Garden is the manifestation of Islam, as it bears the four rivers mentioned in the Holy Quran. The char bagh was designed with full symmetry that can be experienced even today. The lush green carved gardens are the best place to click pictures at the Taj.

The tomb and the cenotaphs at the Taj Mahal carry Peitra Dura decoration of a fantastic incomparable elegance. Almost 35 different kinds precious of stones have been used on a single bloom. The eastern and the western sides of the main grave are engraved by the 99 names of Allah. But most of it is lost today because many of the stones have been destroyed. The tomb above the actual grave is another beautiful Persians artistry and the dome represents the cosmological union of Heaven and earth, as per Islam.

Taj Museum

Situated on the Jal Mahal, it displays the artifacts and marbles associated with the Taj. Also there are paintings of the Mughal emperors along with the original plans for the construction stages of this huge tomb. Additionally, they show the legal documents used in the making if the Taj. You should visit this place to get a feel of the construction period of the Taj. The timings for it are 10.00 to 5.00 and it is closed on Fridays.

Seen with the full knowledge of Islam, one can find that the Taj Mahal has been deliberately designed to present a picture of the Paradise!

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